About BucketBacker for S3

BucketBacker 1.0 - released February 2015

As a small cloud development company that relies heavily on AWS services we found ourselves without a simple and effective way to backup our S3 buckets. We use S3 buckets for everything from running our static websites to storing all the attachments for our back office apps.

We've even created a proprietary NoSql database using S3 that we use to power the backend for our apps.

So, as you might imagine, backing up our S3 buckets is not a luxury; it is a mission critical imperative.

We scoured the marketplace but could find no out of the box solution that would allow us to create set & forget backups for our buckets. Thus BucketBacker was born out of necessity.

Over the years we've continued to improve BucketBacker until we finally decided that it could help other S3 users gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing their S3 bucket backups are automatically backed up.

Battle tested since 2012, BucketBacker is now ready for the world.

We invite you to try BucketBacker absolutely free for a full two weeks. No registration is required. Just download and try it out risk free.

We think you'll soon agree that BucketBacker is an indispensable addition to your AWS S3 cloud strategy.

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