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License - No email service

Single machine license $99.99 (USD)

Deluxe Bundles

Single Machine + Monthly subscription

Get one month Email Notification service free.
Just $99.99 to start and then only $4.99/mo starting your second month.

Single Machine + Yearly subscription

Only $144.99. This is the equivalent of getting 4 months of Email Notification service free.

Single Machine + Lifetime subscription

Only $199.99. This is our best value. You will never have to pay for Email Notification service for the associated license again.

Please note all prices are quoted in US Dollars and will automatically be converted to your local currency before you finalize your purchase.
All purchases are processed by our merchant processor, "Avangate".

Licensing Explained - Please take a minute or two to understand your options

  • Each BucketBacker license is good forever and applies to the specific version you have purchased.

  • Updates for each major version are absolutely free. You will be prompted to install updates if they are available.

  • Major upgrades, i.e. from Version 1.x to Version 2.0 will require a separate purchase if you wish to upgrade.

  • You may transfer your license at any time from one machine to another but you may not use the same license on multiple machines simultaneously.

  • BucketBacker single machine licenses do NOT include the Email Notification service.

  • Email Notification service is not part of the single machine license.

  • Email Notification service is associated with a single license. Subscriptions do not apply to multiple licensing scenarios.

  • If you wish to continue receiving Email Notification reports after your trial has expired, or you purchase a license (whichever comes first), you will need to purchase a subscription either separately or with your license as part of a "Deluxe Bundle".

  • If you have already purchased just the single machine license and later want the Email Notification service then you may purchase an Email Notification subscription separately at any time.

  • Please note: if you do not purchase the Email Notification service subscription you may still access the same information by viewing your log files.

  • Log files are the same XML files we post to our server to generate Email Notification reports for all backup jobs for subscribers.

Licensing Types - A guide to choosing the license that is right for you

Single Machine License

  • No email service: This license is good for one machine and does not include the email notification service.

Deluxe Bundles

  • This is a single machine license plus an Email Notification Service subscription.

Email Notification Upgrades

  • If you have already purchased the single machine license but not the Email Notification subscription you may purchase a subscription for that license at any time.
Subscriptions come in two types:
  • Automatically renewing
  • Manual renewal required
If you would like automatically renewing subscriptions you may opt in during the purchase process.
Otherwise our merchant processor (Avangate) will send you an subscription renewal email before your subscription expires.

Please note that subscriptions are non-refundable and will continue until their expiration date.

Please note: All transactions are handled by our merchant processor Avangate. No credit card information is stored on our servers.
Avangate will notify our servers of all purchases and we will process them usually in less than five minutes.

If you have any licensing questions please contact us at: [email protected] or simply use the "Support" tab.

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